Marilyn Monroe photographed by Milton Greene, 1953

Make a wish into the well, that’s all you have to do…


Isis and Nefertari, from the Tomb of Nefertari, New Kingdom (mural), Egyptian 19th Dynasty (c.1297-1185 BC) / Valley of the Queens, Thebes, Egypt / Giraudon / Bridgeman Images

You needn’t take it any further, sir. You’ve proved to me that all this ultraviolence and killing is wrong, wrong, and terribly wrong. I’ve learned me lesson, sir. I’ve seen now what I’ve never seen before. I’m cured! Praise god!

A Clockwork Orange (1971)

If you can’t believe in witches, what can you believe in?


Still Life (c. 1680)

Rachel Ruysch

Billie Holiday at the Olympia Theatre, Paris, November 1958 (via)

Are you sure this thing is safe?

Illustration by Chéri Hérouard for La Vie Parisienne, 1932

The Shining (1980)

Marilyn Monroe photographed by Ernest Bachrach, 1952

Bamboo by Robert O. Bowen 1955

Disney’s Sleeping Beauty (1959)

Photo by Lillian Bassman, 1951


Mamluk Knife with Decorated Scabbard

  • Dated: 14th - 16th century 
  • Measurements: overall length 21.5 cm; blade length 11 cm

The blade is made of watered steel decorated with three embedded coral beads and the inscription "The time of the reign of Sultan Malik Zahir". On the reverse of the blade reads, "Fly high, bird of distress and revenge, your rigor and fairness affirm human fate".

The knife has a square tapered handle of blue glass. The ivory scabbard is richly inlaid with mother of pearl, brass and stones, representing the heavens, with gilt silver fittings with garnets and turquoise.

Source: Copyright © 2014 Galerie Arcimboldo