"Watch the Birdie" by Vaughan Bass c. 1940s

Burlesque dancer Sherry Britton c. 1940s


Twitter-patted? Well it’s not going to happen to me !


DECADES OF HORROR - “changing the game; the 1940’s part II”

Cat People | 1942
I Walked with a Zombie | 1943
The Leopard Man | 1943
The Ghost Ship | 1943
The Seventh Victim | 1943
The Uninvited | 1944
Dead of Night | 1945
Isle of the Dead | 1945
The Body Snatcher | 1945
Bedlam | 1946

Illustration by Alberto Vargas, 1943

Soldier & his English girlfriend kissing under a tree in Hyde Park. London,1944 (via)

"Jeepers Peepers" by Gil Elvgren, 1948

Disney’s Fantasia (1940)

Marilyn Monroe photographed by Andre De Dienes, 1949

"Although she was beautiful in her films, they couldn’t quite capture all of her. Fortunately, I did, even if it was late in my life.” -Spencer Tracy 

Illustration by Enoch Bolles for Film Fun magazine,1941

Bedrich Grunzweig- April Shower, 1951, NYC (via)


Lois doesn’t have time for this @#$!  From Max Fleischer’s Superman (1941)