Staten Island Ferry Commuters by Gordon Parks, 1946 (via)

"Dream Girl" by Gil Elvgren, 1943


Nightgown worn by Rita Hayworth in the LIFE Magazine “Girl’s of Hollywood” photo shoot by Bob Landry, August 1941

via LIFE

Easter morning, Southside Chicago, 1941. Photo by Russell Lee (via)

Burlesque dancer Sherry Britton c. 1940s

Billie Holiday photographed by Bradley Smith, 1940s


Women in the United States Forces in Britain: Hundreds of United States nurses underwent a toughening up course in preparation for the opening of the second front, where their job would be to follow the troops of liberation and establish hospital units. Lieutenant Louise Erman throwing her Ju-Jitsu instructor Major Strom during an unarmed combat class.”


"Pirate’s Booty" by K.O. Munson


Gita Lenz

Untitled, late 1940s - 1950s


Me and My Parrots, Frida Kahlo. 1941.

Marilyn Monroe photographed by Andre de Dienes, 1949

Illustration by Andrew Loomis 1944


Dali’S Bad Dream Party

Photographer: Hansel Mieth

(the infamous Surrealist party thrown by Salvador Dali and Gala Dali at the Del Monte Lodge in Pebble Beach, California in 1941) [X]