Twiggy c. 1966

"Girl Singer" paperback cover, 1961 (via)

Diana Ross shopping in NYC, 1965

"I have never known birds of different species to flock together. The very concept is unimaginable. Why, if that happened, we wouldn’t stand a chance! How could we possibly hope to fight them?" - The Birds (1963)

Cover illustration of Barbie and Ken, published in 1963

Batman (1966)

Marilyn Monroe photographed by Eve Arnold during the filming of The Misfits (1961)

Audrey Hepburn photographed by Cecil Beaton, 1964


"Miss Black & Beautiful" London, 1960s by Raphael Albert 

Sexbound, paperback cover by Clement Micarelli, 1961

Hugh Hefner with Playboy bunnies at the Playboy Key Club in Chicago, 1960 (via)