Ava Gardner c. 1940s

Ava Gardner, 1942

Ava Gardner and Burt Lancaster in a publicity photo for The Killers (1946)

Ava Gardner c. 1948

"I’ve always admired her as an actress and felt she was underrated because people were deceived by her beauty and did not expect more from her."
-Gregory Peck (Ava: My Story)

Ava Gardner c. 1946


One day [during the shooting of the 1970 film The Devil’s Widow] she said to me, out of nowhere, “You know, I was very beautiful once.” I didn’t know what to say. I thought of her earlier films I’d seen. I said, “Yes, Ava, I know.”

Billy Williams


Ava Gardner c. 1944

Ava Gardner c. 1940s

Ava Gardner on the set of Show Boat (1951)


Ava Gardner c. 1950s