Dave Jordano- Detroit 1972- 1973 

Diane Arbus- Masked Child with a Doll, N.Y.C., 1961 (via)

An aircraft worker dancing with his date at the Lockheed Swing Shift Dance.Los Angeles, 1942 (via)

"A photograph is a secret about a secret. The more it tells you the less you know." - Diane Arbus

July 4th 1950, Santa Monica, California, photo by Ralph Crane (via)

Smoking two-year-old, 1959 (via)

Formally attired audience sporting 3-D glasses during opening night screening of movie Bwana Devil, the 1st full length, color 3-D motion picture, at the Paramount Theater, Hollywood, CA. 1952 (via)

Girl in Skating Ring, photographed by Nina Leen c. 1940s (via)

In memoriam. A tattoo graveyard for Rock’n’Roll Stars. Photo by Anton Corbijn (via)

Londoners dancing to Cy Laurie’s band at an all-night jazz session c. 1950s

Christer Strömholm- Fox-Amphoux, France, 1965 (via)

Photography by Stanley Kubrick, 1950 (via)

Models learning proper cigarette smoking technique in practice for TV ad. 1953  (via)

James Burke- New York, 1960

A man gives a woman a helping hand as she takes a flying leap over a large puddle on the pavement, 1960 (via)

FromKeystone/Getty Images