Women of DC Comics circa 1967.

Secret Hearts #150 (1971)

Custom Comic Figures

DC comics Valentines c. 1980s

“Wonder Woman” newspaper comic strip brochure c. 1944

World’s Finest Comics #21 (1946) 

Sea World Superheroes - a group of professional water skiers who performed a regular theme park act dressed as DC Comics characters from 1976 to 1979. (via)

Lois Lane as a mermaid in Lois Lane Annual #1 (1962)

Superman #261 (1973) 

Action Comics #130 (DC, 1949)

Ann Blyth as a mermaid promoting Mr. Peabody and the Mermaid film

World’s Finest Comics #37 (1948) 


“Regardless of RACE, COLOR, or RELIGION!” is a pretty huge thing to say in 1944.

 All Star Comics - DC Comics