Illustration by Alberto Vargas, 1944

Archie comics- Laugh issue #130 (1962)

Model pose and finished painting of “Second Thoughts” by Gil Elvgren, 1969

Illustration by David Wright, 1947

Cover illustration for Lay Down and Die!, Mark Reed, 1952


Don Blanding, “Lady of the Night”….

Wonder Woman: The Contest

Illustration by Mike Deodato

Crime Mysteries #3 (1952)

Hilda illustration by Duane Bryers, 1967

“Denise (Pur-r-rty Pair)” by Gil Elvgren, 1960

Katy Keene # 32 (1957)

Cover illustration featuring Diana Dors for  House Party by Dominique Napier, 1961

Model pose and finished painting by Gil Elvgren’s “The Winner” aka ” A Fair Catch”, 1957 (via)