The Wizard of Oz (1939)

Goth-Icky by the Charles S. Anderson Design Co. (via)

The Supremes photographed by Art Shay (via)

Cleopatra modeled by Dorothy Lamour, by Henry Clive  for the cover of American Weekly, Oct. 1946

"Gambler-Piegan" by Edward S. Curtis c. 1900 (via)

Preliminary cover illustration for Horror at Gull House,1973

James Dean on the set of Giant, 1955

Heart Throbs # 121 (1969)

An aircraft worker dancing with his date at the Lockheed Swing Shift Dance.Los Angeles, 1942 (via)

Salvador Dali

Henry Clive- Yvonne de Carlo (aka Lily Munster) as Mata Hari for the cover of American Weekly, February 8, 1948

Gene Tierney in a Jantzen swimsuit c. 1940s

Fantastic Novels March 1949. Cover illustration by Virgil Finlay.

Rose Marie Reid junior swimsuits,1956 (via)

"I’ve got to do something about the way I look. I mean a girl just can’t go to Sing Sing with a green face."