Mack Sennett bathing beauties as “sirens of the sea.” c. 1920s

Left to right, featured are Connie Dawn, Betty Byrd, Thelma Parr, Nancy Hellman, Marion MacDonald.

June Haver and Esther Williams, 1949

Mack Sennett bathing beauties c. 1910’s

1950’s pin-up models

Beauty pageant held in the city of Greenwood, Mississippi c. 1960

Diana Dors (third from the left) in Lady Godiva Rides Again (1951)

Bathing Beauties wearing Jantzen swimsuits c. 1940’s

Fox starlets Mary Anderson, June Haver,Gale Robbins, Jeanne Crain, and Trudy Marshall 1943


“Beach Besties”, 1947

[The Beach House Album, 1946-49]

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Jean Walker, Alice Rightinger and Joan Frakell, photographed by Joseph Jasgur, 1942

"See Nymphs" by Art Frahm c. 1940’s

Mack Sennett bathing beauties: Virginia Warwick, Harriet Hammond, Phyllis Haver (1918)