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Batman #392 (1986) (via)

Custom Comic Figures

Julie Newmar as Catwoman, 1960s


Julie Newmar as Catwoman, 1966

Julie Newmar as Catwoman c. 1960s

Villains from the 1966 Batman film

Julie Newmar as Catwoman on the Batman TV show c. 1960s

Julie Newmar on the set of the Batman TV show c. 1960s

Eartha Kitt as Catwoman on the Batman TV series, 1960s

Cesar Romero and Lee Meriwether in Batman (1966)


Batman 256, 1974

"Pull in your claws!"

My Barbie retro Catwoman doll came a few weeks ago- her mask is slightly crooked but I still love her. Here she is with the other DC barbies..

Now if only Mattel would only do a retro Batgirl (more Yvonne Craig style) and Eartha Kitt as Catwoman!