Coca-Cola ad, 1964


1930s Lindy Hoppers

(via NYPL Digital Collection)

Soldier’s goodbye & Bobbie the cat, c.1939-1945 by Sam Hood (via)


Costume Football Match c. 1920

Illustration by Edwin Georgi for the story “Encounter On The Beach” in Redbook in August 1956. (via)

Illustration by Andrew Loomis 1944

Izis Bidermanas -Bords de la seine, Paris, 1949 (via)

Illustration by Ernest Chiriaka (via)

Bill Brandt - Evening in Kenwood, c. 1934 (via)


Eliot Elisofon: A US Navy flier and his date smoking on the coast of Morocco. Casablanca, 1943

Stories to Hold You Spellbound # 14 (1953)

An aircraft worker dancing with his date at the Lockheed Swing Shift Dance.Los Angeles, 1942 (via)

"A photograph is a secret about a secret. The more it tells you the less you know." - Diane Arbus

Illustration by Pruett Carter for Ladies’ Home Journal story, “Embrace” ,1953 (via)

Robert Doisneau- Bebop cellar, Vieux Colombier,  Paris, 1951 (via)