Playboy Bunnies pose on the roof of the Playboy Club, London, 1976

London Goths outside the Batcave club c. 1980s (via)

Eartha Kitt in the fountains at Trafalgar Square, London,  1955 (via)


Eve Arnold, London (1972)

Tango in the East End, London 1954 by Thurston Hopkins (via)


Rock ‘n’ Roll night at the Royal Dance Hall, Tottenham, London, 1956


England 1969 - London, Piccadilly looking towards Piccadilly Circus by borntobewild1946 on Flickr.


Tom Jones with Christine Spooner and feline friend, on their way to open a new boutique in London’s Carnaby Street, 1965


Londoners seek shelter during WWII in the Aldwych tube station, April 1941.Photograph by Acme News Pictures, Inc.


London, 1904

The first six british Bunnies- Dolly Read, Doreen Allen, Kathleen Bascombe, Joan Findlay, Catherine MacDonald and Magie Adam c. 1965-1966(x)


Twiggy at a photo shoot, London, 1966

by Burt Glinn


Happy 71st Birthday to Muhammad Ali! The Greatest and, quite possibly, The Handsomest of All Time, was born Cassius Clay in Louisville, Kentucky. This photo of Mr. Ali was taken in 1966 in London, where he was training for his upcoming fight with British champion Henry Cooper. Photo: Keystone-France/Getty.