"Ricky, guess what? The baby laughed right out loud! I made a funny face and he laughed at it! Isn’t that intelligent?"


Lucy and Ethel go to charm school.

"I kept waiting for Ethel to say trick or treat!"

Lucille Ball during the filming of Lover Come Back (1946)

Nothing! I just love you, that’s all.

Lucille Ball on the cover of Silver Screen Magazine, Sept. 1943

Lucille Ball taking a skating lesson at the Radio City skating rink , New York, 1937 (via)

Lucille Ball in a publicity still for Easy to Wed by Clarence Sinclair Bull, 1946

Ladies of Old Hollywood by the amazing Niagara

Pictured are: Marilyn Monroe, Joan Crawford, Lucille Ball, Rita Hayworth, Elizabeth Taylor, Jane Russell, Veronica Lake, Clara Bow, Carole Lombard, Barbara Stanwyck, Jane Russell (again), Jean Harlow, Marlene Dietrich and Merle Oberon.

Lucille Ball

I Love Lucy

Lucille Ball photographed by Fred Hendrickson, 1942

Lucille Ball c. 1947

Lucille Ball for Max Factor c. 1930s


Happy Birthday, Lucille Desiree Ball

AUGUST 6, 1911 - APRIL 26, 1989

"The sun never sets on Lucille Ball. All over this worried world tonight, nations of untold millions are watching reruns they also watched the first time around. Joy requires no translation. God wanted the world to laugh, and he invented you. Many were called, but you were chosen. All of the funny hats, the baggy pants, the mustaches and the wigs, and the pratfalls and and the blacked out teeth - they didn’t fool us one minute. We saw through all the disguises, and what we found inside is more than we deserve.”

- Sammy Davis, Jr. 

"She was a great gal and a great lady. As a comedian, she was a natural. Her instincts were sharp, and she loved to work. She worked to perfection in all she did.

- William Asher, director 

"She’s given the world so much darn enjoyment, Lucille Ball is the best loved star in show business.”

- Ed Sullivan