Disney Villains Week - Favorite Outfit

The design for Maleficent's clothes occurred to Davis when he was looking through a book on Medieval art; one of the manuscript images featured a religious figure with long robes, the ends of which resembled flames. Davis incorporated this into Maleficent's final design. [xEarly designs feature Maleficent's signature dress in red instead of purple. 

Maleficent’s castle

Disney’s Sleeping Beauty Maleficent Production Drawing (1959)

Disney’s Sleeping Beauty (1959)

Favorite Villains- Maleficent

"You poor, simple fools. Thinking you could defeat me. Me! The mistress of all evil!"

Now, shall you deal with me, O Prince - and all the powers of HELL!

Make me choose Anonymous asked Alice in Wonderland or Maleficent 



7 Disney Villains as voted by the 7 Mods of Disneydeviants! (animated female edition)
#4: Maleficent