Pin-up model c. 1960s

Nude model c. 1937 

Bettie Page photographed by Irving Klaw c. 1950s

Twiggy c. 1966


Unidentified Photographer - Untitled, c.1940.

(… from Love and Desire, William A. Ewing, Chronicle Books, 1999)

Bettie Page photographed by Bunny Yeager (shown with Bettie in the first photo) Florida, 1954

Twiggy photographed by Bert Stern, 1967

Bettie Page and models photographed by Bunny Yeager, Miami Beach, 1954 (via)

Helen Williams, the first African American fashion model to cross over into the mainstream,photographed by Peter Basch c. 1950s

Bettie Page c. 1950s

Twiggy c. 1966