Big Mama Thornton - Hound Dog

You ain’t nothing but a hound dog (x)

Debbie Harry photographed by Lynn Goldsmith, 1978

The Ronettes c. 1964


Artist: Nancy Sinatra
Track: These Boots Are Made for Walkin’
Album: 45 rpm single
Year: 1966
Theme: Walkin’


The Church // Under the Milky Way

That girl she holds her head up so high
I think I wanna be her best friend


The Return of the Living Dead Soundtrack

  1. Nothin’ for You - T.S.O.L.
  2. Dead Beat Dance - The Damned
  3. Eyes Without a Face - The Flesh Eaters
  4. Tonight (We Make Love Until We Die) -SSQ
  5. Love Under Will - The Jet Black Berries
  6. Take a Walk - Tall Boys
  7. PartyTime - 45 Grave
  8. Surfin’ Dead - The Cramps
  9. Burn The Flames - Roky Erickson
  10. Trioxin Theme - Francis Haines

I’ve posed for pictures with ivory soap
I’ve petted stray dogs and shied clear of dope
My smile is brilliant, my glance is tender,
But I’m noted most for my unspoiled gender

I’ve been made Miss Rheingold though I never touch beer
And I’m the person to whom they say, “You’re sweet, my dear.”
The only etchings I’ve seen have been behind glass
And the closest I’ve been to a bar was at ballet class

Prim and proper, the girl who’s never been kissed
Well I’m tired of being pure and not chased
Like something that seeks its level
I wanna go to the devil!


Artist: Kim Wilde
Track: Kids In America
Album: 45 rpm single
Year: 1982
Theme: 80s Ladies


Artist: Cocteau Twins
Track: Persephone
Album: Treasure
Year: 1984
Theme: Myths and Legends


Artist: The Rocky Horror Picture Show
Track: Time Warp
Album: OST
Year: 1973
Theme: Dance Fads

It’s just a jump to the left…


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You can tell a lot about people by the type of music they listen to. 

Hit shuffle on your ipod, phone, iTunes, etc and write down the first twenty songs that come up. Tag ten people! 

One Rule: No Skipping!

  1. The Marvelettes- When You’re Young and in Love
  2. Bauhaus - In the flat field
  3. D.I. - Tragedy Again
  4. The Damned- Damned Damned Damned
  5. Siouxsie and the Banshees- Arabian Nights
  6. 45 Grave- Sleep in Safety
  7. The Vandals- Mohawk Town
  8. The Damned- Machine Gun Etiquette
  9. The Cramps - Can Your Pussy do the Dog
  10. She Wants Revenge- These Things 
  11. Screaming Lord Sutch - Don’t You Care
  12. Vice Squad- Last Rockers
  13. Iron Maiden- Fear of the Dark
  14. Depeche Mode- Sacred
  15. NIN - Erased, over, out
  16. Agent Orange - Too Young to Die
  17. Bjork - Hunter
  18. Deadbolt- Spot Where they Gunned him Down
  19. Portishead-  All Mine (live)
  20. Sisters of Mercy- First and Last and Always
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The Ronettes - Be My Baby


Artist: David Bowie

Track: Ziggy Stardust

Album: The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars
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