He wears high draped pants, stripes are really yellow
He wears high draped pants, stripes are really yellow
But when he starts’n to love me
He’s so fine and mellow


Singer Ella Fitzgerald performing at Mr. Kelly’s nightclub, 1958.

[Christine on Flickr]

Jimi Hendrix photographed by Donald Silverstein, 1968 

Nat Kin Cole starring in his BBC television special An Evening With Nat King Cole, c. 1963


Aretha Franklin, 1968

Billie Holiday at the Olympia Theatre, Paris, November 1958 (via)

Do you believe in God?

Elvis Presley c. 1950s

Debbie Harry reads about sexism under the Ayatollah while on tour in the U.K. Photo by Chris Stein c. 1970s (via)

Billie Holiday photographed by Bradley Smith, 1940s

David Bowie, making of Life On Mars? video, 1973.



Screamin’ Jay Hawkins…

That haunting voodoo jazz.

If ya don’t know, now ya know, baby.

If you peeps don’t know who Screamin’ Jay Hawkins is, I will give you a disappointed look. A fond disappointed look, because I still like you, but. 

S C R E A M I N’  J A Y  H A W K I N S

David Bowie photographed by Masayoshi Sukita, 1973