Me ( on the right) and a friend in front of Retail Slut on Melrose c. late 1990s (for TBT)

when my boy was just a kitten.. he really liked to bite ;)

It’s been so hot lately everytime we open the fridge my cat jumps inside to cool off.

khaluusi asked
Your story is cute, could you post a picture of you and your husband?


Thank you! This one and a couple more are in my personal section.

My Barbie retro Catwoman doll came a few weeks ago- her mask is slightly crooked but I still love her. Here she is with the other DC barbies..

Now if only Mattel would only do a retro Batgirl (more Yvonne Craig style) and Eartha Kitt as Catwoman!

Me and my kitty wish you a safe holiday ( sorry for the bad exposure :/ )




Okay this is my terrible attempt to draw Cat and myself. Please do not mind me wearing nothing more spectacular than a silly T-shirt but I just couldn’t think of anything else. But gah, Cat’s hair was bliss to draw - PS: I want that hair of mine!

Ok so one of my wedding pics is getting reposted- which is a little odd.. so here is the original.

This is also me as a teen c. 1996

daruncic asked
That was perfect. I would have hung out with you in high school... sadly I went to one in the middle of fucking nowhere texas where if I dyed my hair, wore makeup, and did ANYTHING ATYPICAL they would ban my ass.

Thanks ;) I see my High School pic is making the rounds again.

Well I actually did get kicked out of my first High School- it was an all-girls Catholic school.

My parents were actually atheists but wanted me to “get a better education” so they sent me there.

In my sophomore year I cut my hair into a bob and dyed it black. Soon after I was called into the office and told  I was “too pale”. They accused me of wearing makeup. My step-dad finally had to explain to them that black was a natural hair color and that I never wore makeup ( which at the time I didn’t) and I was naturally pale. The hair color just made me seem more pale.

They let me know they didn’t want me representing their school. I was drawing during the Ash Wednesday Mass when one counselor grabbed me by the arm and dragged me out. I was asked why I was “doodling” during Mass- I told her our family was atheists and why should I have to pay attention and the lady flipped.

Now this school actually let people of any religion into their school but if you were non-catholic you had to pay more. I didn’t really see why I was forced to go to Mass but whatever.

My mom was called and I was told I could either leave or be expelled. In a rare moment of coolness she told them all off and we left and I started a public school where I was free to express myself.

The rumors that spread about why I left were pretty funny though.

The Misfits have arrived!

My Great-Grandpa Joe (in the driver’s seat). He was born in Damascus, Syria and immigrated to the U.S. in the 1900’s. Photo c. 1910’s. 

My grandma (on the right) studying at the beach in 1953

hoppip asked
I'm very curious, what awesome bands did you get to see? :)

Hey you I am going to answer this publicly cause I know you won’t get the answer any other way- damn tumblr inboxes

Bikini Kill  1994

NIN 1994 

NIN 1995 with David Bowie

NIN with Bauhaus 2006

PJ Harvey 1995, 1998 and 2000 

Social Distortion

The Vandals ( a couple times)

Bauhaus in 1998 (twice) and once in 2006

The Damned

She Wants Revenge - several times

Bad Religion 1994

Youth Brigade 1994

KMFDM with Lords of Acid and Rammstein

Einsturzende Neubauten


Channel 3 - several times


The Dickies



Tori Amos - Boys For Pele tour- in Boulder, CO

Theo and the Skyscrapers

Naked Aggression


US Bombs


Manic Hispanic

Penis Flytrap


Switchblade Symphony

D.I. -many times


The Dwarves

The first Warped Tour 1995

Lollapalooza 1994 (Beastie Boys & Cypress Hill are all I really remember seeing)

Meat Beat Manifesto

Love and Rockets 

7 Seconds

The Stitches

Flametrick Subs

There are more but i can’t remember everything