Bamboo by Robert O. Bowen 1955

Gang Girl by Don Elliott (Robert Silverberg), 1959 (via)

Bad Girls of Pulp art

Cover art by Robert Bonfils for Bar Broad by Allan Horne,1964 (via)

Cover illustration for Lay Down and Die!, Mark Reed, 1952

Cover illustration featuring Diana Dors for  House Party by Dominique Napier, 1961

Queer Patterns by Lilyan Brock, cover illustration by Rudy Nappi, 1952 (via

LP Cover for “Chilling, Thrilling Sounds of the Haunted House” (1979)

Preliminary cover illustration for Horror at Gull House,1973

Fantastic Novels March 1949. Cover illustration by Virgil Finlay.

Cover illustration by Bernard Barton for Instant Love, 1963

Teen-Age Terror, paperback cover by James Alfred Meese, 1958

Illustration by Hugh Joseph Ward for the cover of Spicy Adventure Stories May, 1935

Cover illustration for A Doctor and His Mistress by Orrie Hitt, 1960 (via)

Graves, I dig! by Carter Brown. Cover art by Barye Phillips, 1960 (via)