My Greatest Crime Story, 1959 (via)

Tender Hearted Harlot, paperback cover by Harry Barton

Cover illustration for True Cases of Women in Crime July, 1954 (via)

Illustration by James Alfred Meese for the cover of Bad Girls,1958 (via)

Illustration by Howell Dodd for the cover of the magazine Line-up Detective Crime Feb.1953 (via)

Exposing Hot Money Honeys, Best True Fact Detective cover, 1952

Dangerous Love by Jack Woodford, 1952

Gangsters and Gun Molls #2 (1951)

Cover Illustration by Ernest Chiriaka for Shameless by James M. Cain, 1958 (via)

A Corpse for Christmas by Henry Kane, 1952 (via)

Cover illustration by James Meese for “The Young Wolves” by Edward de Roo (1959) (via)

Amazing Stories, July 1950

Cover illustration for George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four (Signet, 1956)

Fantastic Adventures Volume 13 No. 5, May 1951.Cover by Robert Gibson Jones.

Paul E. Walsh - The Murder Room. Cover illustration by Victor Kalin, 1957