"Women on board destroyer U.S.S. Maddox posing with sailors, modeling clothing with a nautical influence." For Look magazine assignment "The Middy Look — Summer Clothes Go Nautical. 1957 (via)

USS Astoria sailors on a brief liberty at Mog Mog fleet recreation center in Ulithi Atoll. January 28th,1945 (x)

Tattooed sailor aboard the USS New Jersey (BB 62), photo by Lieutenant Commander Charles Fenno Jacobs, December 1944 (x)


Sailor Sweethearts

Women Who Prowl for Men pulp illustration by Robert Emil Schulz

Jules Munshin, Frank Sinatra and Gene Kelly in On The Town (1949)

Three sailors try to act civilized as 2 women employees board ship for a tour, 1947

Bettie Page

Strolling in the sunlight at Chicago’s Lincoln Center 1942