Teenage couple kissing- photo by Ed Clark. Atlanta, Georgia, 1948 (via)

'Joyriding Teenagers' photographed by Ralph Crane, Los Angeles, 1953 (via)

The photography of Bruce Davidson- 1959 “Brooklyn Gang” series

Teenage girls enjoying 29 cent milkshakes at drive-in restaurant. Photo by Nina Leen,1957 (x)


Japanese Rock N Roll Teens, 1964

Closeup of teenage girl’s wrist covered with six different identification bracelets which are as popular as the milk shake she is enjoying at a soda fountain. Photographed by Nina Leen, 1944

Atlanta Teenagers, 1947 (x)


Teens dancing, 1950s.

Teenagers in Oklahoma City, OK, 1948. Photograph by Alfred Eisenstaedt (x)

Killer Drugs for Kids magazine article, 1955


New York teenagers queue for a rock n’ roll concert in 1957.