Batman and Robin Space Probe Toy c. 1966


While this sounds today like it might not be the safest idea in toys, this item which was found on the inside back pages of comics from 1940 to 43 is really mostly safe.

They can still be bought today but they now use americium or thorium.


Wild at Heart (1990)


I just found one of these last night in my junk cupboard! Gave it to my kid who was suitably impressed.

I have this! It’s cute :)


BIG Frankie


I have been drooling over these gals for the last couple years. Designed by the amazing Camille Rose Garcia, I first saw these in a specialty shop in 2006.

Finally I have decided to get Lulu and Katie & Sadie.  :)

Camille Rose Garcia figure of Sadie & Katie. I’ve been drooling over these for years.