“Imitation is always insult—not flattery.”

 Frank Lloyd Wright, A Testament


Clara Bow “I’m going to do whatever I want to do, when I want to to do it. I’m going to have a good time” ☆ January 1933 Screenplay magazine Vol. XIII No. 94 page 25 

A world of nonsense.

why you shouldn't repost gifs for dummies


  1. if you’re reposting gifs that means you’re probably not able to make them yourself. don’t advertise how dumb/photoshop illiterate you are to the world. 
  2. every time you repost a gif someone somewhere runs over a puppy with a truck. 
  3. if you’re reposting gifs in an attempt to gain followers, your blog is probably a really shitty hipster blog nobody really gives a fuck about anyway.
  4. people who make gifs are genuinely interested in sharing their favourite moments from films/interviews/etc with you guys on the internet. sharing is fun for everyone. stealing isn’t. stop it.
  5. reposted gifs clog up tags and make them boring and repetitive. chances are, if you’re reposting that gif most people who like it have already seen and/or reblogged it and don’t need to see it every time they check the tag.
  6. it’s the internet you should ~expect~ them to be stolen l0l0l0l0l0l” you look like a fucking asshole just stop with this shit
  7. you don’t own the movie ~~~COPYRIGHT~~~ YOU’RE THE ONE WHO’S STEALING” nobody is claiming ownership of the movie itself, and if we don’t own it you definitely don’t either so shut the fuck up. 
  8. you’ve probably tagged the repost with dumb as shit stuff and everyone is laughing at you anyway #love #life #laugh #lol #movie #film #gif #life #true #hipster #cool #swag #shut the fuck up you idiot 
  9. chances are the blog who originally posted the gif will contact tumblr support and it’ll get taken down anyway so it’s a waste of your own time